Thanks to everyone who made the 2015 Unlimited Off Road Expo a great success!

We’ll see you again next year!
Bigger and better then ever!

Expo 2015 Facts

  • Total visitors June 5 – 7, 2015: 13120
  • Total visiting Industry Professionals such as dealerships, retailers, tire dealers and service shops: 318
  • Total vehicles at the Cavern & Tavern Charity Night Crawl: 1887
  • Breakdown in % per visitors’ vehicles:
    Jeep: JK, TJ, YJ, CJ, XJ, Willys 43.7 %
    Truck: incl. Diesel 17.7 %
    UTV: All bigger brands represented 21.2 %
    Buggy: Rock Bouncer, Ultra4 Racer, Woods/Dune Buggy 7.6 %
    Other: Toyota, Suzuki, Hummer, Bronco, Land Rover 9.8 %

Top Brands. Great Deals.

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Check back for exciting 2016 show news and activities soon!

Why come to Louisville for UOR Expo?

Louisville has been described as the gateway to the north… and to the south; an entry to the west…or in the middle of it all. Within a day’s drive you meet 2/3 of the US population. The central location, combined with a strong infrastructure, has made Louisville renowned for its quality of place. Louisville’s transportation system brings out-of-town attractions and far-away family within reach. Please find top local attractions further down under “Travel Info”.

Forbes Magazine lists Louisville as one of the top 20 markets with economic momentum going into 2014. Louisville has countless attractions for any age and any preference – at daytime and nighttime!

We create an Off Road Boomtown for you!

The UOR Expo is dedicated to generate new industry leads and to promote your brand and products to retailers, dealerships and enthusiasts. Our efforts are focused on a great event program, its operations and marketing to promote the UOR Expo as your externals market place – your Boomtown in the East of the USA.

Hosting vehicle manufacturers, the entire aftermarket, car dealerships and enthusiasts puts UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo on the map all along the East, we have 61% – 189 million people within reach!

Off-roaders here earn an average income of $71k annually and are often self-employed. The targeted core visitor age varies from 24 – 58 years. 22% of them are active female off-road drivers. 110k + off-road magazine subscribers live directly in the bigger metro areas around Louisville.

Within 72 miles of the city there are 22 Jeep Dealerships located.

182 Truck, UTV, Jeep, Toyota and Land Rover Dealerships are within comfortable reach of 100 miles to the Expo Center.

We generate opportunities!

With top company names on the floor plan, the business to business night, and extensive wheeling entertainment – including racing and public 4-wheeling, the UOR Expo will generate a high level of traffic from industry professionals, enthusiasts, clubs, off road friends and families – from all over the USA!

Let’s continue to grow this expo together into “the” expo hub out east!

We strive to make the Unlimited Off-Road Expo the most important industry event for you in the heart of the east coast.

The following info available upon request:

Press releases  |  Footage  |  Photographs

We appreciate your efforts in helping us all to promote the show.

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